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So, You Think You Can Masquerade?

Posted by Venetian mask society on 10/31/2014 to Blog

Since masquerade balls are pretty formal, not knowing the proper etiquettes can make you end up making a fool of yourself. But don’t let that scare you; these are only a few polite gestures that you need to make, and if you keep these rules in mind, you can have lots of fun at the ball. Some things to keep in mind are as follows:

1.     Never show up without a mask

Do not forget taking a masquerade mask with you. It is a masquerade mask ball and you are expected to show up wearing one. Authentic Venetian masks are the best option.

2.     Don’t show up uninvited

A masquerade ball is not a house party! Do not show up if you are not invited because it is definitely not considered pleasant. 

3.     Division of the dance floor

If you didn’t already know, the dance floor at balls is divided into two parts. The inner, central part is for the slow paced dancers, and the outer part is for the fast paced dancers who are well-versed.

4.     Dance with different partners

Might sound weird to some people, but it is considered courteous to ask people other than your partner to dance with you too. It is considered a social duty. Don’t get intimidated by the masks; you have one on too and there are fewer chances of you accidentally embarrassing yourself.

5.     Smell nice

Always try to smell nice. Put on nice cologne and carry some mints with you. Don’t forget to use an antiperspirant deodorant because nonstop dancing can make you sweat a river.

6.     Do not reject!!

Whether you are a male or a female, do not reject anyone if they ask you to dance with them. It is considered impolite and unethical if you do so.

7.     Don’t be noisy

Loud talking and noisy laughter in a ballroom are against the rules of etiquette.

8.     Apologize

While collisions do not happen in the movies, they do happen in real life. If you accidentally bump into someone while dancing, an apology is a great gesture. Even if you think it's not your fault, take the blame.

9.     Say ‘thank you’

When a dance finishes and you lead the lady to her seat, say thank you. Ideally, both the lady and the gentleman show gratitude.


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