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Long Nose Masks

Our hand crafted long nose Venetian masks are created using the finest materials and display intricate details that only true Venetian macherra, or mask makers can recreate.
The long nosed mask was a widely utilized mask in Venetian operas and theaters, which served as a way to help create a character. A key part of Commedia dell'Arte, the long nose mask also enabled actors to play numerous roles, and conceal gender in order to play both male and female characters.
The mask also enabled the audience to easily recognize characters within the production. In addition to theatrical productions, the long nose Venetian mask was also prominent during one of the most tragic periods of Venetian history, the plague. This mask was utilized by local plague doctors while treating plague patients. The nose of the mask was stuffed with spices or herbs, which was thought to purify the air that the doctor breathed in order to remain uninfected.
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Nasone - Gold/Black - Hand Made Venetian Nose Mask
Nasone - Gold/Red - Hand Made Venetian Nose Mask
Zanni Ibiz - Carnival Design Long Nose Mask From Venice Italy.