Venetian Masks, Masquerade Masks and Hooded Velvet Cloaks Imported from Italy to the USA for fast delivery
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Authentic Venetian Masquerade Masks

Venetian Masks, Masquerade Masks and Venetian Cloaks.
Imported from Italy to the USA for fast delivery

Highest Quality Masquerade Masks Imported From Italy

If you are looking for top quality and mesmerizing masks, then visit Venetian Mask Society. We offer the highest quality and most unique masks imported directly from Venice, Italy. We offer a wide variety of masks including eye masks and stick masks to name a few. In case you want to order wholesale masquerade masks or bulk Venetian masks, we offer this service too.

If you’re looking for genuine and stunning Venetian masks adorned with intricacies, then your search ends here. At Venetian Mask Society, we provide you with a rare and traditional collection of masquerade masks for men and women, which range from the elegant luxury masks to the enigmatic Bauta and much more. Spice up your costume with our high quality Venetian masks and hooded cloak to create your own unique costume. Wearing these authentic masks to a themed party is an amazing way to transform yourself into anyone you desire. With our handmade Venetian eye masks, you can choose to be recognized by your close friends, or you can choose to wear a full face mask and keep your identity a secret. Our long nosed Venetian masks and leather masks are perfect for men, while our more feminine cat eye masks, laser cut masks or feather masks adorned with glitter, bright paints and crystals are ideal for women. Select our high quality Venetian masks for dinner parties, or for special events such as Halloween, New Year's Eve, Carnivale, Mardi Gras or simply as wall art for your home.

Featured Items
Diavolo - Authentic Hand Made Venetian Mask - Silver
Fantasma dell'opera - Gold - Phantom of the Opera Italian Mask
Fantasma dell'opera - White - Phantom of the Opera Mask
Nasone - Gold/Black - Hand Made Venetian Nose Mask
Volto Arcobaleno Strass - Fancy Venetian Full Face Mask
Volto Foglia - Fancy Fantasy Full Face Venetian Leaf Mask

If you’re looking for a last “hurrah” before the starting of lent then look no further. Find the largest and most extensive collection of Venetian and Masquerade masks that are available at one place. As the leaders in masks of multiple variations, we are able to provide you with the best options at unbeatable wholesale prices. In 2005 Venetian Mask Society opened their first online store from North County San Diego and learned first-hand that their ideas for creating one of the most popular stops for online party-goers and collectors were a huge success. Since then, the Venetian Mask Society has kept growing to become the outstanding company that it is today. The operations and fulfillment offices are located in San Diego, California.  

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