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The 8 Commandments of Masquerade Masks for Men & Women

Posted by Venetian mask society on 10/31/2014 to Blog

Masquerade masks have been used for centuries in Italy and the rest of the Europe. They are usually a mask that hides the eyes, and at times, other parts of the face too. The classic and authentic Venetian masquerade masks are made out of cloth and paper mache. Cheap, imitation ones are also available in the markets that are made out of plastic.

Masquerade masks are often accompanied with black hooded cloaks if one is going to a carnival and paired with a nice formal suit if it’s a ball.

Wait! Don’t be hasty

When choosing a masquerade mask for yourself or a friend, don’t rush. Authentic Venetian masks cost a lot; you need to keep the following commandments in mind before finalizing your purchase.

1. Prefer an authentic Venetian masquerade mask

The market is full of cheap imitations. Beware! Only purchase the high quality masks as they are an investment.

2. Have an idea about what you want beforehand

Don’t get distracted by other masks that you might like while searching for the one you actually need.

3. Take pictures.

Looking for the perfect fit? Try taking pictures while trying different masks on. Taking pictures will give you the advantage of being able to see how the mask will look on you.

4. Don’t forget the Theme!

If your party is themed, keep the theme in mind when looking for a perfect mask.

5. Make a checklist

While shopping for the perfect mask, keep a checklist in hand to make sure what you are getting is the perfect size, fits the theme, looks good on you, feels right when you wear it, etc.

6. Look for different stores and different options

Landed at the first store and think you’ve found the perfect mask? Don’t be so sure just yet; you don’t know what else is out there. Before finalizing a purchase at the first store you end up, keep in mind that there might be vastly better options waiting for you only if you explore a bit more.

7. Do not neglect size

If it looks good, doesn’t mean it fits well too. Do not forget to try it on.

8. Check online reviews before making a purchase.

You might think something looks good on you that actually doesn’t. Check online reviews and ask for your friends’ opinions too just to make sure what you’re getting is perfect.

Looking for authentic Venetian Masks?

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