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The Venetian Mask Society's goal is to be the worlds best Venetian and Masquerade mask supplier, providing customers with Venetian Masks of exceptional quality, sentiment, and creativity, while offering superior customer service.

In 2005 Venetian Mask Society opened their first online store from North County San Diego and learned first-hand that their ideas for creating one of the most popular stops for online party-goers and collectors were a huge success. Since then, the Venetian Mask Society has kept growing to become the outstanding company that it is today. The operations and fulfillment offices are located in San Diego, California.

Venetian Mask Society's online store features a wide selection of over 300 different styles and patterns of authentic hand-made Venetian Masks, Masquerade Masks, Venetian Cloaks, Costumes and accessory items. Our traditional collections include pieces created by the most amazing Macherra in Venice, Italy. Our site also features some of the most popular collectible mask lines from, The Phantom of the Opera, Eyes Wide Shut, and A Clockwork Orange.

The Venetian Mask Society has become a leader in providing specialized service, exceptional product quality, and designer masks for both individuals and groups that are throwing or attending masquerade balls or galas around the world.

Venetian Mask Society

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If you would like any assistance picking out the right mask for your tastes and your event please don't hesitate to contact us. We also offer designer mask upgrades to help you make a great impression at your masquerade.

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