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The Ultimate Masquerade: Stunning Décor for Your Ball

Posted by Venetian mask society on 10/31/2014 to Blog

So you’re arranging a masquerade ball?  Remember to go for embellishments and decorations that are classy and elegant. A masquerade ball is supposed to be very formal so you can’t use balloons or streamers because they do not go with the theme that you are trying to set. Instead, go for these:

1.     Flowers

Flowers are the easiest way to decorate and transform a space. Go for chic looking flowers in rich tones to add a little natural elegance to your ball.

2.     Lighting

Lighting is very important for a can really set the mood for an event. Harsh white lights can ruin the light mood you want to set for the party so it is better to avoid them. Dull yellowish lights are a better option. You can also use candles for a classic look.

3.     Round Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a cheap yet beautiful adornment to be used in decorating the ballroom for a masquerade ball. Pick one or two colors according to the theme of your ball and cover the entire ceiling with paper lanterns. Do not make the mistake of leaving too much space between two lanterns, you are not throwing a kids’ party.  

4.     Fairy Lights

You can never go wrong with fairy lights. They are delicate and beautiful, perfect for ball decoration.

5.     Draping

If you want to cover the empty spots in your ceiling, use draping. Draping not only hides those unattractive spots but also gives a very classy and elegant look to your ballroom. Another thing that draping does is that it softens the harsh lighting that otherwise would ruin the elegant mood of the party.

6.     Use masks in your decor

 Since it is a masquerade ball, you can decorate the ceiling with hanging masks. Choose a particular color. It is always better to go with black or white. Buy inexpensive masks in bulk, attach them to strings cut in different sizes and hang them from the ceiling to set the mood for the ball.

Always remember to keep some extra masks for guests who accidentally arrive without a mask. This will save them from getting embarrassed.

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