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Stick Masks

Create your own seductive character with one of our high quality Venetian Stick Masks. Created from only the best materials by the finest Italian mask makers, the Venetian stick mask is the perfect accessory to any ball gown.

Stick masks and masquerade eye masks allow you to look like a true Venetian in picture or as you enter the masquerade party. However, these masks also allow supreme in comfort, allowing you to keep the mask in hand if you decide that you would prefer to talk to that handsome man in the fine tailored suit face to face. 

A mask, like the Columbina Stick Mask, or our Mardi Gras stick masks are perfect accessories, allowing you to remain anonymous or unveil your beauty to whomever you choose.

If you are looking for top quality masquerade masks on a stick then look no further because we have a treasure trove of masks of all sizes that fit all budgets.
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Bauta Fancy White and Silver Venetian Stick Mask
Bauta Stick - Cream/Antique Venetian Mask Mounted on a Stick
Colombina Saten Strauss White Fancy Venetian Stick Mask