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Full Face Masks

Embody the true essence of the masquerade ball character you choose with our full face Venetian masks. Our full face disguises are crafted in Italy by talented artists who use the highest quality materials.
If you want to keep your true identity top-secret, a mask that covers identifying characteristics like a nose and mouth is definitely the way to go. If you are attending a masquerade ball in a full face Venetian mask you will experience the unrestrained freedom that goes along with anonymity. From asking the most beautiful woman or handsomest man about their relationship status to dancing with wild abandon, nothing is too risqué.
Our ornate colored masks are also a perfect choice to walk Bourbon Street and remain unidentified as you collect or disperse those coveted beads. Consider pairing a full face mask with one of our full length, Venetian Cloaks to create a sinister presence and scare even the bravest of souls.
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Bauta Fancy White and Silver Venetian Stick Mask
Bauta Stick - Cream/Antique Venetian Mask Mounted on a Stick
Colombina Jolly Velvet - Green - Venetian Jester Eye Mask
Fantasma dell'opera - Gold - Phantom of the Opera Italian Mask
Fantasma dell'opera - White - Phantom of the Opera Mask
Fantasma dell'opera craquele - Phantom of the Opera Mask
Gattino Graz Flexible Black Leather Cat Mask
Joker Mask Black/Red- Handmade Venetian Mask
Joker Mask Green/Black- Handmade Venetian Mask
Joker Reale Mask - Red- Handmade Venetian Mask
Salome Bianca Macrame - Hand Made Venetian Mask