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Jester Masks

If you are known for your witty wisecracks, or your hilarious personality, we have the mask for you! Straight out of the Italian Middle Ages, the Jester mask is reminiscent of those quirky jokesters who kept the king and all of his men in a jolly mood.
In the middle ages, Jesters were known for their ability to really work a crowd and illicit laughter for the funniest of tricks. In the home, these stunning masks create a conversation piece, and show your appreciation for fine Venetian art. Worn as part of a costume, all eyes will be on you as everyone will be itching for a good laugh.
Whether you pride yourself for looking at the humorous side of life, are performing at a celebration or just need an interesting costume piece for the next masquerade ball, our Venetian jester masks will make you the center of the celebration.
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Colombina Jolly Velvet - Green - Venetian Jester Eye Mask
Joker Mask Black/Red- Handmade Venetian Mask
Joker Mask Green/Black- Handmade Venetian Mask
Joker Reale Mask - Red- Handmade Venetian Mask