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Leather Masks

If you are a person of refined tastes, consider purchasing one of our Italian crafted leather Venetian masks. Made by true Venetian artists, the smooth feel of these eye masks are both elegant and extremely comfortable for extended wear.
Forming across your forehead and nose our leather Venetian masks are the closest thing to a custom fit one can get. If you'd like to play the object of a love triangle, consider purchasing a leather Colombina mask, or want to be a main character from an opera, consider purchasing one of our Arlecchino inspired masquerade eye masks.
These masks are perfect conversation pieces to display in your home, a great Halloween costume accessory, a wonderful masquerade disguise or to wear as you meander through the French Quarter dispersing or earning beads during Mardi Gras.
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Colombina Leather Fran - Flexible Silver Venetian Eye Mask
Fellini Black Gloss Leather
Fellini Flexible Silver Leather Venetian Eye Mask
Gattino Graz Flexible Black Leather Cat Mask
Lady Leather - Flexible Black Leather Venetian Eye Mask