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How to Create an Attractive Venetian Mask Art Wall

Posted by Aaron on 12/16/2014 to Blog

As much as masquerade masks are popular as an identity-concealing accessory, with their rich historical significance and intricate designs, they also make for beautiful, decorative wall art. You can display your Venetian masks at home or office, reminiscent of the events you attended, places you collected them from, or simply to display your fine taste and appreciation of art. To create your very own Venetian mask wall, here are a few tips to help you out:

Choosing a Wall

To make your Venetian wall art the centre of attraction at home, choose a wide wall, preferably at the entrance. The centre room or stairway also works for the mask display. The optimal height at which you must place them on the wall to look attractive is 60 inches from the floor. It depends on you whether you would like to build your wall gradually or purchase some of the finest pieces of Venetian masks to decorate your home.

Selecting the Colour

Venetian masks come in different shapes, sizes and colours, which add diversity to your collection automatically. You can choose from famous Commedia dell’Arte character masks or elaborately decorated gold or silver masks which can also be worn at any occasion. Therefore, you want to make sure to choose a wall colour that is light enough to make the masks stand out. White is good to go but if you want to do something different, try painting your wall art background in pistachio or red for a bold art display.

Choosing the Sequence

There are many ways and orders in which you can display your Venetian masks and it is upon your sole discretion to choose one. You can rank them by the order you purchased them in, with the oldest mask going at the top. You can choose to display them in a circle, creating a round by the order they are placed in, or you can choose to place in odd numbered rows on the wall. Choose a sequence and order that looks pleasing to the eye and holds significance to you.

If you don’t know about the rich history of the Venetian masks, read more about it here. Their flawless design and attention to detail is eye catching. Venetian masks are popular to be worn at masquerade balls, proms, or other formal events. To order one of your own, call us today at 1-866-997-0870.