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Amazing Themes for a Memorable Masquerade Party

Posted by Aaron on 2/7/2015 to Blog

Although masquerade parties are commonly associated with Venetian carnival and culture, they have now gained popularity as elaborate theme events all over the world. Sophisticated dresses, mysterious masks, rich food, and delightful music are what these events are particularly known for.

Since these lavish balls have become the most favorite choice for birthdays, anniversaries, and proms, you must be aware of a few popular options that you can consider for your theme party.

Color Theme

The simplest idea that you could adopt for your party is the color theme. Coming up with a color based theme can be really easy. It is probably the reason why it is the most popular theme for virtually all types of events. You can consider a black and white ball for a classic appeal, choose red masquerade party around the holiday, or go all green for St. Patrick’s Day.

Mardi Gras

For maximum fun and entertainment, Mardi Gras is the best theme to choose. This can give you an all inclusive event with loads of characters, exciting colors, and plentiful glitz. Besides, the cool jazz in the background and traditional dances can put a spark in the vibrant ambiance of the party.

Venetian Ball

When we think of masked party, the Venetian ball is probably the first thing that comes to our mind. The bejeweled and feathered masks, velvet dresses, and playful ambiance can set the perfect mood for a pleasurable party experience. If you are looking for an elegant event with a decent budget to work with, consider holding a Venetian ball for a fun filled and memorable event.

20’s Themed Masquerade Ball

Dress up like the 20’s fashionista with a mix of glitz and glamour. The 20’s theme can ensure a stunning masquerade mask party that your guests will remember for years. When adopting this theme, pay close attention to fine details like the choice of food, décor, and music to recreate the elegance and sophistication of the golden era.

No matter what theme you choose for your masquerade ball, make sure that you communicate it well with your guests to ensure their participation and utmost fun.

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