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Saying “I Do” Venetian Style

Posted by Venetian Mask Society on 9/9/2014 to Blog

Masquerade themes have gained much popularity in the western culture over the years. With its Venetian vibe, fanfare and glamour, its rich history has charmed us all.  This is the reason why the Italian city has always been a favorite for romantics looking to have a magical wedding. So what if you can’t go to the city of love itself? Let’s bring it to you! Having a Venetian themed wedding means you can incorporate the regality element that will make your big day the most memorable event for you and your guests!

Here are some great ideas that we recommend:

1.     The Setting: Venetian Architecture

Venice is a spectacular place, with some fantastic and historically acclaimed buildings. Some include the Palazzos. Another worth mentioning aspect is art! The city is home to one of the most renowned artists. Try to capture the essence of Venice in the form of rich fabrics as décor, draperies, paintings, Baroque staircases and frescoes. Instead of focusing on all of these, just pick one or two and fuse the ideas to create a wedding theme style that reflects your taste.

2.     The Wedding Outfits & Masks

With the various Venetian masquerade masks available, you have some options to choose from. This is an important aspect to consider before the invites have been dispatched. Remember, if you are having a specific themed wedding, your guests need ample time to prepare. So, what’s your style? Do you have an appreciation for adventure and mystery, with a witty sense of humor? You can have a ‘Bold & Beautiful’ theme; or perhaps something simple and elegant? Go for something that best suits your style.

3.      Venetian Customs & Traditions

There’s no denying how the Venetians love and value their traditions. And if you want to go all out on the idea, why not incorporate some customs as well! One particular tradition is of presenting a small gift to your guest. Known as confetti bomboniera, it is a few sugar-coated almonds that are wrapped in tulle or netting, and represents family, life, health and fertility.

Finally, let’s not forget the food! Ask your caterer to have an all-Italian banquet prepared, with some rare Venetian delicacies, like ‘Venetian Hour’. Furthermore, don’t be shy to indulge on desserts.

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