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What Are You Serving to You Masquerade Party?

Posted by Venetian Mask Society on 9/9/2014 to Blog

Hosting a masquerade party? So you have those gorgeous Venetian masquerade masks and the décor covered. You’ve hired a local band to play soft jazz music to set the mood. The lighting is designed in soft hues of purple. Great! While you have all the essentials covered, there’s one basic area that some people tend to overlook when it comes to making arrangements for their masquerade ball, and that’s the food.

If you want your ball to be a success, you need to make sure your guests get a feast fit for royalty. Here are some tips to ensure you get it right!

1.     Smaller, Bite Size Food Is Preferable

Having an extravagant feast doesn’t mean it has to be expensive or lavish. Go for something small, like canapés or salmon and cream cheese. If you have a larger budget allocated for the food, then caviar is an all-time favorite. However, if not, another great option for finger foods is spiced walnuts, almonds and sandwiches.

2.     A Vegetarian Cuisine

In an increasingly diet-conscious society, not all partake in meats. To cater to the others, ask your caterers to prepare some appetizers and meal for the vegetarians. Cherries or grapes wrapped in basil or mozzarella are a popular Italian choice. You could also go for marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts.

3.     Prepare Meals That May Be Served At Room Temperature

It’s not convenient to heat and reheat the food. To avoid serving your guests with food that are best served hot, go for something that tastes great at room temperature.

4.     Serve It In style

Taste is everything. But looks are important too! If your buffet is decorated well and placed systematically, it will create a visual appeal for your guest. A delectable looking meal will most definitely taste scrumptious too!

5.     Desserts

The Italians have a sweet tooth. And at a masquerade party or ball, no meal is complete without dessert. So consider something like chocolate mousse, ricotta pie or panna cotta. They’re all simple and easily edible, without causing a mess to your costumes and masks. So, dessert is a must-have, whether it is a rare delicacy or chocolate fountain (Italian or not, everybody loves chocolate fountains. Refrain from the marshmallow, however).

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