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Planning a Masquerade Ball Fundraiser? Here’s How To Do It Right!

Posted by Aaron on 12/16/2014 to Blog

A masquerade masks ball is one of the best ideas for a fundraiser event. It gives your supporters an evening of glamour and elegance where they can dress up, have fun, and unwind. Fundraisers generally bring to mind an evening filled with boredom, but you can change that!

Here are some tips to plan your masquerade ball fundraiser and give your guests a night to remember:

Start Planning Ahead

When you are planning a masquerade fundraiser, think glitz and glamour. Start preparation at least six weeks before it is due and choose a day on the weekend to facilitate all your guests. Make sure you choose a venue that complements the ball and book it beforehand for the date on which you plan to host your event. Locations such as a country club make for the perfect venue for a masquerade ball.

Get Organized

To have a smooth, stress-free event, make sure you have committees overlooking different areas of the event, having strict deadlines they must adhere to. Major areas that you must cover include entertainment, food, auction, publicity, and site preparation. Ensure that tasks are delegated to each committee during the very first planning session so that any problems are dealt with in the upcoming days.


The most important aspect to determine the success of your fundraiser masquerade ball will be publicity. It will determine whether you will have a good turnout for your event. Some key points that you must remember and practice while publicising your event are to communicate the need for fundraising and let people know what will be in it for them. Ask for their help and choose a unique tagline to motivate your guests to donate for the cause.

Include Activities

What makes an event successful is keeping your guests engaged and entertained throughout the event. Even if it’s an adult event, consider having activities that can amuse them. Of course, good food and wine is the way to go but having jugglers or magicians can help create an aura of fun. Have a best costume award for men and women, and don’t forget the photographer! Everyone likes a good snap of them.

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