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Style Tips for Women Going To a Formal Masquerade Ball

Posted by Aaron on 12/15/2014 to Blog

A formal masquerade ball is nothing less than an extravagant night of glitz and glamour and every woman struggles to look her best. Choosing the perfect dress and masquerade mask may be daunting, but early preparations can give way to a glamorous you, putting everyone in awe. If you are unsure on how to style yourself up for this year’s masquerade ball, here are a few tips to help you stand out:

Take Dress Cues from the Invite

If your invite states the kind of ball it will be, take a cue from that. For example, if it says cocktail then a cocktail dress it is! Otherwise, you may enquire politely from the host/hostess when you call to RSVP.

Choose a Style That Flatters You

Instead of running from one store to the other to find a dress that fits the current trend criteria, to look your best, focus on choosing a dress that flatters your body shape. Trends are short lived while classic cuts remain forever in style. If you can’t decide, the safest way to look good at a masquerade ball is by donning the ever classic black dress.

Select a Complementing Mask

When it comes to choosing a mask, don’t be carried away with the different variety of masks available. You should know that the finest quality handmade masks are called Venetian masks, and to remain comfortably hidden behind it, select one that matches your outfit. If your dress is simple, you can add glamour by going for one of our feather masks. For a more sophisticated, look choose from a variety of eye masks that add an elegant yet mischievous vibe by partially hiding your identity.

Accessorize without overdoing it

The main focus of your dress up should be the mask but it doesn’t means that you forget to accessorize. Add some bracelets and earrings to enhance your look for the evening. If you are keen on wearing a necklace, make sure it doesn’t detract from the mask. The more simplicity you maintain, the more elegant you will look at the ball.

Style Matters but So Does Comfort

When it comes to shoes, you want to choose stylish ones while making sure that they are comfortable to wear. If you can’t stand heels for long or they hurt your feet, opt for low heeled wedges which are just as stylish. Remember, your shoes should match the dress but shouldn’t kill your feet if you want to enjoy the evening!