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White Cloak - Authentic Venetian Hooded Cloak for Masquerade Parties

White Cloak - Authentic Venetian Hooded Cloak for Masquerade Parties
Comfortable white velvet hooded cloak with white hood lining and neck clasp. One size fits all.
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Get noticed this Carnivale season with our Authentic White Venetian Cloaks for Masquerade Parties. No matter where you go in this cloak, you will turn heads due to the elegant bright white color and the soft plush velvet material. This white cloak features a white lined hood, which can be worn up or down and secures under the neck with a fabric clasp. A one size fits all garment, the white hooded cloak skims the body’s shape and extends down towards the ground. All of our cloaks from white to black hooded cloaks are sometimes worn over extravagant gowns to the opera, or as part of a costume. You can wear the Authentic Venetian White Hooded Cloak to the next masquerade gala or over street clothes to function as an overcoat for those chilly Mardi Gras mornings and nights.

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