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What Does Your Mask Color Say About You?

Posted by Venetian Mask Society on 9/9/2014 to Blog

We understand the significance of the faces and meaning behind different female and male masquerade masks; how each mask is an inspiration derived from an infamous character in Venetian culture. While these different types of masks act as a testament to historical personalities, the color of the mask we choose can actually reflect our own personal style.

So, let’s see what each color generally implies, and how you can use this to your advantage!

The Bold Red

Whether men or women, this color represents and exudes sensuality, vigor and energy. If you’re single, and looking to meet new people, you could send out the right message wearing a subtle masquerade mask, with a not so subtle color.

The Esteemed Gold

For elegance and regality, you can’t go wrong with a golden colored mask! A gold masquerade mask is a sign for high stature and prestige. Only the confident few can pull of this one. Combine this with a neutral colored outfit, and you are good to go.

The Pure White Or Silver

This color has for centuries been associated with wisdom and purity in true form. We use white and silver synonymously in this context because the masquerade masks in these colors are an ideal choice for a masquerade themed wedding. They symbolize elegance and purity, the perfect elements for a bride.

The Royal Purple

For some time now, the Christian traditions categorize purple as the color of royalty. Robes of purple were matched with the masquerade mask to impress upon the importance of the figure.

The Enigmatic Black

While many cultures associate black with negativity, it has a sharp connection with mystery, authority, elegance. Men who are bold and are not afraid to drift away from societal rules and the status quo can justify wearing a black masquerade mask. Feel free to experiment with a silver hooded cloak, for a full effect!

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