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San Marcuola

San Marcuola
Call 1-866-997-0870 For A Custom Made Murano Glass Chandelier (24" H. 24" W)
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Visitors will stand in amazement when they see this awe-inducing, hand-made authentic Murano Glass chandelier. Imported from Italy by The Venetian Mask Society this unique glass chandelier features a regal looking gold inverted bell with cobalt blue mini roses. A gold colored vine with striking sapphire colored roses twists around the inverted bell, and gives way to a gold colored base. Extending from the base are gold and clear glass stems with thorns, and large blue roses that house the chandelier lights. The bottom of the Venetian-inspired chandelier has additional cobalt mini roses, making this one of the most eye-catching pieces imported from The Venetian Mask Society. As with all of our authentic hand-made Murano Glass chandeliers, we use American UL cabling and sockets.

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