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Murano Glass Lines

Add vibrant luxury to your home with hand-made, authentic Murano Glass chandeliers, figurines and wine stoppers from The Venetian Mask Society Murano Glass Line. The art of hand-blown Murano Glass making dates back to the 8th Century, and our artists still utilize those same old-world, hand-shaped glass making techniques to create our Murano Glass décor. Imported from Italy, hand-made statement pieces like our attention-grabbing Murano Glass chandeliers are painstakingly heated, twisted and shaped with specialized Italian glass tools to create elaborate, color filled designs. With attention grabbing ribbons, flowers and other unique shapes, our chandeliers are fully functioning lighting structures, and use American UL cabling and sockets. If you are looking for more affordable Murano Glass items, The Venetian Mask Society‚Äôs Murano Glass wine stoppers and Murano Glass figurines are smaller authentic hand-made pieces make spectacular gifts. The Murano Glass figurines feature life-like elephants, fish and other animals in vibrant colors. The Murano Glass wine stoppers have swirled complementary colors and are shaped into perfect spheres. Murano Glass figurines add panache to any space, while authentic Murano Glass wine stoppers are coveted accessories for any wine aficionado. Whether you chose the stunning Venetian Mask Society Murano Glass chandeliers, adorable Murano Glass figurines or opulent Murano Glass wine stoppers, you are sure to debut décor that any house guest would admire.