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Call 1-866-997-0870 For A Custom Made Murano Glass Chandelier (38" H. 46" W)
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Reserved for the risk taker, this Venetian Mask Society red chandelier can transform your space from ho-hum to ultra-modern in mere minutes. This piece is hand-made in Italy, utilizes American UL cabling and sockets and features a scalloped top collar with dangling red tear drop accents. The bubbled central column extends down to the bottom bowl, while skillfully crafted, regal looking, twisted red glass scrolls extend from the bottom bowl and reside just above the slightly curved chandelier arms. Additional accents dangle from the chandelier arms, while scalloped candle cups, which contrast nicely with the bright light, are perched atop each arm. Propel your space into contemporary status with this Venetian Mask Society, authentic hand-made Murano Glass chandelier.

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