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Call 1-866-997-0870 For A Custom Made Murano Glass Chandelier (40" H. 34" W)
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Black is a classic color that never goes out of style. Pair this deep hue with dazzling, light reflecting prisms, and you are sure to have an enviable chandelier. This hand-made, authentic Murano Glass chandelier, imported from Italy by The Venetian Mask Society, radiates elegance with its modern lines and sophisticated color scheme. Beginning with an elongated collar, the central column contains a mid-shaft body dish with elegantly arced embellishments extending out and down near the chandelier arms. The chandelier arms are u-shaped and have traditionally shaped candle cups, while the bottom dish features wilted glass ribbons for added visual interest. Extending throughout the chandelier are teardrop prisms, which reflect the light brilliantly. The Venetian Mask Society authentic hand-made Murano Glass chandeliers are made with American UL cabling and sockets for the American market. 

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