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Call 1-866-997-0870 For A Custom Made Murano Glass Chandelier (36" H. 46" W)
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Cheerful whimsy abounds with this candy colored, sophisticated, yet playful Venetian Mask Society hand-made authentic Murano Glass chandelier. Imported from Italy by The Venetian Mask Society, this treasure is sure to get folks talking. Each flower is carefully heated to malleable temperatures and painstakingly molded utilizing specialized glass blowing tools. Elaborate in every sense of the word, this chandelier begins with a clear glass flower like top collar and mid-column reverse dish. Extending from the reverse dish are rainbow colored flowers on long delicate clear glass stems. The ornate central column leads to the bottom bowl which displays a second tier (above) and third tier (below the bowl) of colorful flowers on flawless glass stems. The clear glass chandelier arms are intricately twisted and arched with colorful glass cup blossoms to reflect the bright light source. Our authentic, hand-made chandeliers are fully functioning lighting fixtures, and use American UL cabling and sockets.

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