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Colombina Punta Cuffo Star Purple Fancy Venetian Feather Mask

Colombina Punta Cuffo Star Purple Fancy Venetian Feather Mask
Red and silver mask with silver glitter and pink and purple feathers
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Are you looking for a mask that would make you ooze confidence without giving your identity away? Our Venetian masks are handmade by the greatest artists you can find around from the best of materials in Italy. With our masks, you are guaranteed quality for your money.

Our Colombina Punta Cuffo Star Purple Fancy Venetian Feather Mask— re-echoes our goal of making the best of masks suitable for any of your carnivals. With purple plumes beautifully adorning the center of the mask, you are sure to be regarded as royalty. Embossing the white painted mask are gold plated artistic drawings that epitomize the brilliance of the artists who put heads together to curate this beauty. Just at the center from which it seems the plumes grew from, is a pearl stone, carefully placed, vulnerable to lights, that is, it glitters with reckless abandon when exposed to light.

Just in case you are thinking of getting a mask that is both resplendent and mysterious (isn't that what masquerading is all about?), then the Punta Cuffo is just the right choice, brilliant choice even. For the Mardi Gras and Carnivale, you should not look further than getting one of our Venetian masks, which is sure to accentuate whatever costume you decide to wear! However way you want it delivered to you, we sure are capable, from our standard Ground shipping to our online checkout, be assured that we have got you covered. You want the complete outlook, then, get any of our plush red, black, or white hooded cloak to give the appearance you want. Make your order today.

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