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Colombina Arlecchino - Authentic Venetian Mask

Colombina Arlecchino - Authentic Venetian Mask
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You can’t go wrong with this Colombina Arlecchino - Authentic Venetian Mask, made to add colors to your personality. It's authentic yet different from traditional masquerade masks due to its unique shape and design. The area around the eyes is designed in a clever manner with a mix of different colors including shades of brown, blue, red, yellow, and green. This colorful mask can help you stand out and make your photos look good. It has been made with a lot of care and is highly durable. It has laces on the edges to complete the look. The mask is very comfortable to wear and will not cause you irritation or discomfort. Order it today and get it delivered next day by choosing one day delivery.

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