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Call 1-866-997-0870 For A Custom Made Murano Glass Chandelier (27" H. 40" W)
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Refined tastes require lighting that is functional, unique and lavish. The expertly crafted, authentic, hand-made Murano Glass chandeliers, imported by The Venetian Mask Society are no exception. This amazing work of art, is truly an eye-catching conversation piece and begins with gold colored top which gives way to intricately twisted stems with clear glass flowers a the tips.  Extending out from the center, each of the flower groupings sits atop a gold colored base. The bottom portion of the chandelier features gold colored curved arms with clear glass twisted along each section. Clear glass lights and dangling tassel-style embellishments provide an over the top visual experiences. This chandelier, imported by The Venetian Mask Society utilizes American UL cabling and sockets, and makes an amazing statement when hung in a grand foyer. 

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