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Black Cloak - Authentic Venetian Cloak for Masquerade Parties

Black Cloak - Authentic Venetian Cloak for Masquerade Parties
Comfortable black velvet hooded cloak. One size fits all.
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Look like a mysterious and imposing figure in the Authentic Venetian Black Hooded Cloak for Masquerade Parties. Made of quality black velvet, this one size fits all garment features a velvet lined black hood. This black hooded cloak secures under the neck with a fabric clasp, and extends across the shoulders and down towards the floor. This black velvet cloak is extremely versatile and can be worn to celebrate Carnivale, worn over a masquerade ball gown, as an addition to a Halloween costume, or to replace a light winter jacket. Whether you wear this black hooded cloak or one of our white hooded cloaks to a masquerade ball, you are sure to have onlookers mesmerized.

Looking to create a bit of mystery at the carnival? Then try out our all new wholesale black hooded cloaks, which will certainly conceal your identity and complete your look at the carnival.



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