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Best Masks For Young Masquerade Party Goers

Posted by Aaron on 2/7/2015 to Blog

If you love to arrange parties for your kids, what about having a masquerade party this time? You can help your kids create interesting masquerade mask to wear at the party. Whether they make these masks as a party craft or create them in advance, these interesting party props can spur vigor and fun at the event. We are giving some great masquerade mask ideas that your kids can make at home for an amazing masquerade mask party.

Jester Mardi Gras

For all the hilarious and witty kids, jester Mardi Gras mask can be the perfect choice. Jokers, who are known for their quirky personality, can bring out the funny side of the young jokesters. With their colorful designs as well as the unique charm, these masks are ideal to make the environment more entertaining for the young guests.

Butterfly Mask

The simple yet elegant butterfly masks may be created using colorful foams or paper. These interesting masks can be decorated using glitter and different types of embellishments to make them more appealing for kids. Besides masquerade mask party, they can be perfectly used for birthdays, Halloween, and other types of events.

Cat Eye Mask

The adorable cat mask can be custom printed with fun patterns, color stripes, or patches of color. With fun details like whiskers, eye brows, and a tongue, these gorgeous masks are perfect to give a fancier look to your young kids.

Angel Mask

Kids love to dress like an angel and show the angelic side of their personality. The character’s purity and charm is likely to make the Venetian mask attractive to everyone. Besides, you can use various embellishments to make the mask more personalized and representative of your kid’s personal style.

Paper Mache Mask

Paper Mache mask is one of the most intricate and stunning carnival masks that are uniquely designed with gorgeous glitters, feathers, and accents. Besides their spectacular design, they are extremely sturdy and durable which can be perfect for kids.

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