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Adorn Your Walls With Venetian Wall Mask Art

Posted by Aaron on 2/7/2015 to Blog

If you are planning a masquerade party at home, consider decorating your walls with eye catching wall masks to breathe a new life into your room and uplift the mood of your guests.

The authentic Venetian masks are perfect handcrafted piece to add dimension to your wall space and create a unique ambiance. We are presenting here few masks that could perfectly suit your wall.

Phantom of The Opera - Fantasma dell’opera Mask

The Phantom of the Opera masquerade masks are made of paper mache with a famous crackle effect. These masks are available in a variety of colors to be worn as well as for decoration purposes.

Volto Arcobaleno Strass Mask

Volto Arcobaleno Strass is a full face Venetian mask that is created using ancient Italian mask making techniques. The mask features multiple colors that blend perfectly together. The mask is smooth and glossy with glittering details which add extra dimension and depth to the structure.

Diavolo Mask

This expressive mask is perfect to create a bold and strong statement in your room. The rustic red with shades of grey can add depth and an eerie feeling in your party.

Salome Bianca Macrame Mask

The exquisite handmade Salome Bianca Macrame mask adorned with clear crystals and faux pearls add a classic look to your walls. The antique finish combined with traditional artisan techniques make them perfect for wall displays and decorations.

Volto Ibiz Mask

The classic Volto Ibiz mask looks captivating as a wall display. With stunning details and richness, they create appreciation for ancient craftsmanship.

Volto Piume Sera Mask

The full face feather mask with striking colors and fine gold mist creates a perfect backdrop for just any masquerade party. The vibrance of these masks can blend with the mood of any type of party.

Jesters and Jokers Mask

Traditionally worn by clowns, these Venetian jesters and jokers masks can be a lively addition to your walls. These colorful and peppy masks can change the feel of your room as well as the party.

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