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About the Venetian Mask Society

Posted by Venetian Mask Society on 9/8/2012 to Blog
The Venetian Mask Society is the world's leading purveyor of authentic Venetian masks. Located in California, the Venetian Mask Society offers masks made by some of Venice's most renowned macherra, or mask makers. In addition to these unique masks, the Venetian Mask Society also offers masks from more modern collections, such as popular movie masks like those seen in Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut". In addition, they feature complete costumes suitable for masquerade balls, Mardi Gras and costume parties of all sorts. The line of collectible masks from the Venetian Mask Society is one of the most exceptional in the world. Collectors need look no further than the Venetian Mask Society website when searching for items to add to their mask collection. Whether you're planning a masquerade ball, attending one, or just appreciate the beauty and artisanship of Venetian masks, you're sure to appreciate the care that the Venetian Mask Society has taken to ensure that their masks are all of high quality and true to the tradition of the original Venetian style. The collection offered by the Venetian Mask Society includes many different types of masks, but all are made by Venice's best artisans. Since 2006, the Venetian Mask Society has led the way in keeping the Venetian mask tradition alive all over the world by ensuring that everyone has access to these exceptional works of art created only in Venice.