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3 Characters You Can Pull Off Wearing Long Nosed Venetian Masks

Posted by Aaron on 12/15/2014 to Blog

Long nose Venetian masks are a very popular category and have widely been used to differentiate between characters in the Commedia dell’Arte. You will come across many long nosed characters centuries before and today which have become popular. With the New Year festivities on its way, make sure to grab your long nose Venetian masks to set you apart from the crowd.

Here we present to you 3 characters you can easily pull off wearing a long beak:


You may remember or not but the Witchiepoo was a classic character in the 1969 children’s TV series “H.R.Pufnstuf”. The witchiepoo character with its long black robe, pointy hat and a flying broom targeted Jimmy to steal his magic flute. Pull off a long, crooked noosed witch character with our Masquerade mask and black robe to remain completely unidentified and scare the wits out of others with your long crooked, decorated nose.


A popular character in the Commedia dell’Arte, he was known for his big nose, squeaky voice and clownish ways. The physical appearance of the Pulcinella resembled a cockerel. After the third appearance of the character on stage, it was painted on the walls and ceilings of the Villa Zianigo in Venice. You can find a long nosed Venetian mask inspired by this character and dress up in your favourite and colourful party dress to resemble the age-old Venetian culture.

Il Dottore- The Doctor

You can also dress up as the Il Dottore character from the Commedia dell’Arte that dons a ruffled black suit. In medieval times, physicians or doctors were thought to wear long nose masks to fill them with spices to keep the air fresh while they operated their patients.

While there are countless other characters that you can pull off wearing a long nose Venetian mask, remember that these masks are inspired mostly from Commedia dell’Arte characters known for their wit, humour and simple style. The kind of cape or dress you choose to wear with the mask will help you differentiate between characters and pull off a different look that others admire.

With New Year festivities along the way in full swing, you can entertain your guests with our high quality, handmade Venetian masks. For ordering, contact us at 1-866-997-0870. We also entertain mass orders.